An SOA-based Noise Mapping Platform for Urban Traffics

Wensheng Xu, Nan Li


Traffic noise is a major environmental problem in many urban areas and frequently causes complaints from urban residents. An accurate traffic noise map of urban areas can facilitate noise monitoring, traffic strategic planning, street planning, residential area planning and noise prevention or reduction. An SOA based platform for urban traffic strategic noise mapping is proposed in this paper. Service Oriented Computing Environment (SORCER) is adopted to build the highly flexible distributed platform for noise monitoring and noise mapping. The platform architecture and the hierarchical services structure based on SOA are presented. The major services in the platform, including the task scheduler service, prediction service and noise propagation calculation service are analyzed in details. To demonstrate the function and mechanism of the platform, a real traffic noise mapping project for a Beijing area is presented.




computer aided noise mapping; traffic noise prediction; service oriented architecture; distributed computing

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