Data transmitted encryption for clustering protocol in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks

Basim Abood, Abeer Naser Faisal, Qasim Abduljabbar Hamed


In this paper, elliptic curves Diffie Hellman-Rivest Shamir Adleman algorithm (ECDH-RSA) is a novel encryption method was proposed, which based on ECDH and RSA algorithm to secure transmitted data in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (HWSNs). The proposed encryption is built under cheesboard clustering routing method (CCRM). The CCRM used to regulate energy consumption of the nodes. To achieve good scalability and performance by using limited powerful max-end sensors besides a large powerful of min-end sensors. ECDH is used for the sharing of public and private keys because of its ability to provide small key size high protection. The proposed authentication key is generated by merging it with the reference number of the node, and distance to its cluster head (CH). Decreasing the energy intake of CHs, RSA encryption allows CH to compile the tha data which encrypted with no need to decrypt it. The results of the simulation show that the approach could maximize the life of the network by nearly (47%, and 35.7%) compare by secure low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (Sec-LEACH and SL-LEACH) approches respectively.


Cheesboard clustering; Data encryption; Routing protocol; Secure clustering; Wireless sensor networks;

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