Islanding detection of integrated distributed generation with advanced controller

J Rajesh Reddy, A Pandian, R Dhanasekaran, Rami Reddy Ch, B Prasanna Lakshmi, B Neelima Devi


Grid integration of non conventional energy resources is increasing in day to day life to supply the global energy utilization requirement. The major problem with such integrated Distributed Generation (DG) is islanding. The islanding is originated in the integrated system when a part of the power system is disconnected from the grid and continue to feed the local load. The islanding is not safe to field persons and equipment. As per IEEE 1547 standards, the islanding should be detected within 2 seconds with the equipments associated with it. In this paper, a new islanding detection method is proposed with fuzzy rule based approach with inputs as the change in frequency and power. This method classifies the islanding and non islanding events efficiently compared to other passive methods. The simulations are carried on Matlab/ Simulink 2018b environment.


Passive Islanding Detection, Distributed Generation, Non Detection Zone, Fuzzy Inference System, Rate of change of frequency (ROCOF)

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