Line balancing using heuristic procedure and simulation of assembly line

Mohammad Huskhazrin Kharuddin, Mohammad Fadzli Ramli, Muhamad Hafiz Masran


The assembly line is widely known because the use of it in manufacturing to process raw material into a complete product. There are many discussions and researches have been done in this field and the assembly line balancing problem is one of the topics that attract the interest of many researchers. The technique that frequently uses to solve assembly line balancing is a heuristic procedure. In this paper, a case study about the production of the power converter is studied. The assembly line of the power converter consists of 27 major tasks and 19 workstations. The existing heuristics procedures and a proposed heuristic procedure are used to solve the line balancing problem. After that, simulation is used to obtain the results and by comparing the results for each procedure, the most suitable procedure that should be used to solve the problem is selected.


Assembly line, Line balancing, Heuristics procedure, Simulation

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