Mobility models for next generation wireless mesh network

Tsehay Admassu Assegie, Tamilarasi Suresh, R. Subhashni, Deepika M


Wireless mesh network (WMN) is a new trend in wireless communication promising greater flexibility, reliability, and performance over traditional wireless local area network (WLAN). Test bed analysis and emulation plays an essential role in valuation of software defined wireless network and node mobility is the prominent feature of next generation software defined wireless network. In this study, the mobility models employed for moving mobile stations in software defined wireless network are explored. Moreover, the importance of mobility model within software defined wireless mesh network for enhancing the performance through handover-based load balancing is analyzed. The mobility models for the next generation software defined wireless network are explored. Furthermore, we have presented the mobility models in the mininet-Wi-Fi test bed, and evaluated the performance of Gauss Marko’s mobility model.


Node Mobility; Gauss Marko’s Mobility Model; Wireless Network Emulation; Performance Evaluation; Software defined network

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