Power quality analysis based on simulation and MATLAB/Simulink

Ahmed Salam Hussein, Majli Nema Hawas


This paper in existence a complete system connected to all situations power quality event, which has been achieved using MATLAB/SIMULINK and utilizing parametric equations. In electrical energy allocation system, the disturbances of power quality have emerged as an important matter for usefulness and customers. This design incorporates distribution two capacitor bank, line fault, starting of induction motor, non-linear load and transformer energizing that are usage to simulate diverse kind of voltage sag. In simulate voltage provisional through distribution network produced as a result of effect capacitor bank switching version in the general model. For clarity, this model is advanced with an integrated block and setting in which all event situations are organized for energy quality without scarifying the gist it. This model Integrated is too beneficial to simulate different energy quality waveforms. The performance of the brand new automated categorization algorithms received are appropriate for checking waveforms of power quality.


Power quality, MATLAB/Simulink, voltage sag, voltage swell

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v16.i3.pp1144-1153


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