Proxy Re-Encryption in cloud using ALBC (adaptive lattice based cryptography)

Chandrakala B M, S C Lingareddy


In recent days, data sharing has provided the flexibility to share the data, store the data, and perform operation on data virtually as well as cost effectively. Data sharing in cloud is one of the feature, which is being popular and widely accepted. However, the concern here is to ensure the data security and this has led the researcher to research in this area. To provide the security several Proxy re-encryption scheme has been introduced, however all these method lacks of efficiency. Hence In this paper, we propose a scheme known as ALBC (Adaptive Lattice Based Cryptography), this scheme follows the two phase i.e. encryption and Re-encryption. Encryption phase has few algorithms such as Key_Gen, Enc, Dec. Similarly ALBC Re-Enc has five algorithm i.e. Key_Gen, Key_ReGen,  Enc, Re-Enc, Dec. our algorithm not only provides the security but also solves the problem of RL(Ring-learning) with errors problems. In order to evaluate, our algorithm is compared with the existing model in terms of encryption time, decryption time, re-encryption time, key generation  and key regeneration by varying the various key size. When we observe the comparative analysis, it is observed that our algorithm outperforms the existing algorithm.


Encryption, Re-Encryption, Proxy Re-Encryption

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