Fire Detection Using Multi Criteria Image Processing Technique in Video Sequences

Behrouz Memarzadeh, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi


Vision-based flame detection has drawn significant attention in the past decade with camera surveillance systems becoming ubiquitous. This paper proposes a multi criterion method to detect fire or flames by processing the video data generated by a high speed camera. Since flame images are special class of images, some of the unique features of a flame may be used to identify flame. There are some differences between flame images and other general images. By using these features we are able to detect fire correctly with least false alarm. In this paper we present an algorithm which can detect fire and reduce number of false alarms by counting number of identified pixels. In the algorithm, we preprocess the images to have better results. So first we adjust the gray level of a flame image according to its statistical distribution to have better processing. After that we try to extract fire features in images. First by using color characteristics, the ratio of red to green, we can identify probable fire-like or fire like pixels. Second, to highlight the regions with high gray level contrast at their edges, we use the extended prewitt filter. We use AND operation on two above processing images to remove unrelated pixels, at last by using flicker frequency, the oscillating change in the number of identified pixels over time is transformed into the frequency domain to complete detection algorithm. Simulation proves the algorithm ability to detect fire in different situations in video sequences.


image processing

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