Developing an Enhanced High-Speed Key Transmission (EHSKT) Technique to Avoid Fraud Activity in E-Commerce

A.B. Hajira Be, R. Balasubramanian


E-commerce is an emerging and convergence of numerous main information technologies in business practices. E-commerce is an online website where the sale or buys of merchandise ordered electronically. It gives a simple approach to sell items to customers. In the applications suffers payments issues; for example, electronic transactions utilizing Visas or debit cards, net banking, PayPal or different tokens have more consistency problems and are at expanded hazard from being focused than different sites as they suffer more outcomes if there is information loss or modification. An Enhanced High-Speed Key Transmission (EHSKT) Technique is proposed for secure and efficient payment transactions and avoids fraud activity. The proposed system works based UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) to generate a unique id for payment transactions. Proposed system generates Unique id have a combination of number, alphabets, & special character to avoid fraud users. The proposed design reduces the encryption, decryption time and key complexity. Based on Experimental evaluations, proposed methodology reduces 4.73 AD (Average Delay), 23.91 EC (Energy Consumption), 0.95 ET (Encryption Time), 0.85 DT (Decryption Time) and improves 59.8% (Throughput) compared than existing methodologies.


Enhanced High-Speed Key Transmission (EHSKT) Technique UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) Key Complexity Encryption and Decryption

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