Soil Moisture Monitoring Using Field Programmable Gate Array

Muhammed Ihsan Husni, Mohammed Kareem Hussein, Mohd Shamian Bin Zainal, Anuar Bin Hamzah, Danial Bin Md Nor, Hazwaj Bin Mhd Poad


This paper presents a solution for remote monitoring and sensing of different agricultural parameters that effect the plant growth and productivity. Hardware descriptive language has been used for the implementation of proposed topology on Field Programmable Gate Arrays. The hardware used for this purpose is an Altera board. The simulated results take into consideration the environmental factors such as the humidity, soil moisture content and the temperature. The proposed system continuously monitors the environmental changes for any updates. The system also controls a water motor that is turned on as the system senses the reduction in moisture content. The system implementation on hard wave level show promising results and have been discussed in detailed.


Soil; FPGA; Altera; Remote Monitoring

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