Robust Security for Health Information by ECC with Signature Hash Function in WBAN

G. Sridevi Devasena, S. Kanmani


Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs) are fundamental technology in health care that permits the information of a patient’s essential body parameters to be gathered by the sensors. However, the safety and concealment defense of the gathered information is a key uncertain problem. A Hybrid Key Management (HKM) scheme [13] is worked based on Public Key Cryptography (PKC)-authentication scheme. This scheme uses a oneway hash function to construct a Merkle Tree. The PKC method increase the computational complexity and lacking scalability. Additionally, it increases expensive computation, communication costs and delay. To overcome this problem, Robust Security for Protected Health Information by ECC with signature Hash Function in WBAN (RSP) is proposed. The system employs hash-chain based key signature technique to achieve efficient, secure transmission from sensor to user in WBAN. Moreover, Elliptical Curve Cryptography algorithm is used to verifies the authenticate sensor. In addition, it describes the experimental results of the proposed system demonstrate the efficient data communication in a network.


Elliptical curve cryptography; Hash function; Key management; One time password; Security; WBANs

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