A Smart Monitoring of a Water Quality Detector System

S. I. Samsudin, S. I. M. Salim, K. Osman, S. F. Sulaiman, M. I. A. Sabri


The importance to monitor the water quality level is undeniable due to significant impact to human health and ecosystem. The project aims to develop a wireless water quality monitoring system that aids in continuous measurements of water conditions based on pH and turbidity measurements. These two sensors are connected to microprocessor and transmitted to the database by using a Wi-Fi module as a bridge. The developed system was successfully detect both the pH and turbidity values hence updating in IoT platform. Based on the results obtained, the test water sample can be classified to class IIB which is suitable for water recreational used body contact. Overall, the developed system offers fast and easy monitoring of pH and turbidity levels with IoT application for continuous maintenance of clean water. The work is just concern on the physical water parameters hence further extend to chemical parameter for verifying a better result in measuring the WQI value.


Water monitoring; IoT; Turbidity; pH

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v10.i3.pp951-958


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