An Efficient & Secure Content Contribution and Retrieval content in Online Social Networks using Level-level Security Optimization & Content Visualization Algorithm

Kumaran Umapathy, Neelu Khare


Online Social Networks (OSNs) is currently popular interactive media to establish the communication, share and disseminate a considerable amount of human life data. Daily and continuous communications imply the exchange of several types of content, including free text, image, audio, and video data. Security is one of the friction points that emerge when communications get mediated in Online Social Networks (OSNs). However, there are no content-based preferences supported, and therefore it is not possible to prevent undesired messages. Providing the service is not only a matter of using previously defined web content mining and security techniques. To overcome the issues, Level-level Security Optimization & Content Visualization Algorithm is proposed to avoid the privacy issues during content sharing and data visualization. It adopts level by level privacy based on user requirement in the social network. It evaluates the privacy compatibility in the online social network environment to avoid security complexities. The mechanism divided into three parts namely like online social network platform creation, social network privacy, social network within organizational privacy and network controlling and authentication. Based on the experimental evaluation, a proposed method improves the privacy retrieval accuracy (PRA) 9.13% and reduces content retrieval time (CRT) 7 milliseconds and information loss (IL) 5.33%.


Privacy preserving in an online social network; Level-level privacy; Data contribution & retrieval; Controlling & authentications; Social network organizational privacy

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