To Improve Feature Extraction and Opinion Classification Issues in Customer Product Reviews Utilizing an Efficient Feature Extraction and Classification (EFEC) Algorithm

Palaiyah Solainayagi, Ramalingam Ponnusamy


Currently, customer's product review opinion plays an essential role in deciding the purchasing of the online product. A customer prefers to acquire the opinion of other customers by viewing their opinion during online products' reviews, blogs and social networking sites, etc. The majority of the product reviews including huge words. A few users provide the opinion; it is tough to analysis and understands the meaning of reviews. To improve user fulfillment and shopping experience, it has become a general practice for online sellers to allow their users to review or to communicate opinions of the products that they have sold. The major goal of the paper is to solve feature extraction problem and opinion classification problem from customers utilized product reviews which extract the feature words and opinion words from product reviews. To propose an Efficient Feature Extraction and Classification (EFEC) algorithm is implementing to extracts a feature from opinion words. The reviewer usually marks both positive and negative parts of the reviewed product, despite the fact that their general opinion on the product may be positive or negative. An EFEC algorithm is utilized to predict the number of positive and negative opinion in reviews. Based on Experimental evaluations, proposed algorithm improves accuracy 15.05%, precision 13.7%, recall 15.59% and F-measure 15.07% of the proposed system compared than existing methodologies


Opinion words; Feature extraction; Classification; Efficient Feature Extraction and Classification (EFEC); Positive word; Negative word

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