A Study of Secured Enabled Passive Optical Network Enabling RoF

M. Deepak


Innovation is an incorporation of radio sign in optical fiber transmission inside of system foundations that are thought to be financially savvy, pragmatic and moderately adaptable framework setup for whole deal transport remote signs. This venture proposes a Next era PON construction modeling backings RoF and OFDMA signal coordination without WDM lasers, and exhibit that 10-Gb/s OFDMA and three RF signals at 2.1GHz are transmitted more than 20km SMF in a 32-ONU in both upstream and downstream bearing. A security control unit and an optical switch are utilized associating four Optical Line Terminations (OLTs) with everyone serving just 32 Optical Network Units (ONUs). Insurance control unit gathers data of ONUs served by each OLT, and when an OLT falls flat, it will educate an active OLT to help its unique ONUs together with the burden served by the fizzled OLT.


Radio Over Fiber (RoF), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access(OFDMA), passive optical network (PON), Optical network unit (ONU), optical modulation, Protection unit

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v9.i1.pp43-48


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