Improvement of Garbage Management for NAND Memory System

A. Thileepan, S. Ramachandran


Recent days increasing the use of flash memory device in embedded systems. Diverse qualities of NAND blaze recollections from hard circles include: a constrained square eradicate check, the inconceivability of set up refresh, and asymmetry in operation granularity. Along these lines different rubbish accumulation procedures for the NAND streak recollections have been proposed. In any case, existing rubbish accumulation procedures obstruct square wear leveling since they utilize a similar technique for both hot and icy information. In this paper, we propose effective junk accumulation and piece administration strategies to enhance piece wear leveling and trash gathering speed. Above all else, information is arranged into three sorts concurring to alteration recurrence - hot information, cool information, and warm data and distinctive sorts of information are put away in various pieces. The delete cost is figured considering information sort, and afterward junk gathering is performed for the hinders whose eradicate costs surpass the limit esteem. Furthermore, unique square records are made in RAM by information sort, and the squares are orchestrated in the request of their eradicate cost.


NAND, RAM. Flash memory

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