Non-Isolated Multiple Input Multilevel Output DC-DC Converter for Hybrid Power System

Ameen Al-Modaffer, Amer Chlaihawi, Husam Wahhab


The utilization of multisources of energy in a compact and an effective power system gains an essential role in power electronic industry. As such, the design and simulation of a new non-isolated Multiple Input Multilevel Output (MIMLO) DC-DC converter for hybrid power system is presented. The MIMLO DC-DC converter can be integrated in renewable energy, such as fuel cells, wind turbines and photovoltaic arrays etc, to get the best output voltages. The MIMLO DC-DC converter powers the load from renewable energy sources through independenence of the availability of other sources. The proposed topology has been simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink software to testify the performance control operation of the Multiple Input Multilevel Output DC-DC converter. The results of the carried-out simulation favor the usage of multi input voltage, rather than a single input voltage. The MIMLO design has the advantages of a simple configuration, reduced number of switches, fewer components, high efficiency, and high conversion ratio. The Multilevel Output DC-DC converter provides high voltage transfer with low size inductors, reduction of losses, low stress voltage on switches and diodes.


DC-DC converter, Multiple Input, Multilevel Output, Boost converter, Switching duty cycle, Semiconductor current stress


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