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Abd Halim, Wahidah, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia

  • Vol 20, No 2: November 2020 - Computer_and_Informatics
    Analysis of a switching angle calculation by ANN for nine level inverter apply into experimental case study with elimination of lower and higher order harmonics
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  • Vol 20, No 3: December 2020 - Power_Electronics_and_Drives
    Enhance the accuracy of control algorithm for multilevel inverter based on artificial neural network
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  • Vol 20, No 3: December 2020 - Special_Section_on_Robotics
    Voltage harmonics reduction in single phase 9-level transistor clamped H-bridge inverter using nearest level control method
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  • Vol 20, No 3: December 2020 - Special_Invitation
    Real-time switching thirteen-level modified CHB-Multilevel inverter using artificial neural network technique based on selective harmonic elimination
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