Performance of Pilot-Aided 3D- OFDM Channel Estimation using Different Antenna Configurations

Dinesh N. Bhange, Chandrashekhar G. Dethe


This paper aims, a 3D-Pilot Aided Multi-Input Multi-Output Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) Channel Estimation (CE) for Digital Video Broadcasting -T2 (DVB-T2)for the 5 different proposed block and comb pilot patterns model and performed on different antenna configuration. The effects of multi-transceiver antenna on channel estimation are addressed with different pilot position in frequency, time and the vertical direction of spatial domain framing. This paper first focus on designing of 5- different proposed spatial correlated pilot pattern model with optimization of pilot overhead. Then it demonstrates the performance comparison of Least Square (LS) &Linear Minimum Mean Square Error (LMMSE), two linear channel estimators for 3D-Pilot Aided patterns on different antenna configurations in terms of Bit Error Rate. The simulation results are shown for Rayleigh fading noise channel environments. Also, 3x4 MIMO configuration is recommended as the most suitable configuration in this noise channel environments.

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