Comparative Study of Statistical background Modeling and Subtraction

Mourad Moussa, Maha Hmila, Ali Douik


Background subtraction methods are widely exploited for moving object detection in videos in many computer vision applications, such as traffic monitoring, human motion capture and video surveillance. The two most distinguishing and challenging aspects of such approaches in this application field are how to build correctly and efficiently the background model and how to prevent the false detection between; (1) moving background pixels and moving objects, (2) shadows pixel and moving objects. In this paper we present a new method for image segmentation using background subtraction. We propose an effective scheme for modelling and updating a background adaptively in dynamic scenes focus on statistical learning. We also introduce a method to detect sudden illumination changes and segment moving objects during these changes. Unlike the traditional color levels provided by RGB sensor aren’t the best choice, for this reason we propose a recursive algorithm that contributes to select very significant color space. Experimental results show significant improvements in moving object detection in dynamic scenes such as waving tree leaves and sudden illumination change, and it has a much lower computational cost compared to Gaussian mixture model.


moving object detection; gaussian mixture model; color component; background modelling; Rayleigh distribution

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