Neoteric Hybrid Multilevel Cascade Inverter Based on Low Switch Numbers Along with Low Voltage Stress: Design, Analysis, Verification

Rasool Esmailzadeh, A. Ajami, M.R. Banaei


Abstract: With the purpose of rein in the high voltage of flexible power systems, renovation and amendment of multi-level structures aimed at acquisition of high quality voltage is certainly required. In this regard, robust topology must be occupied that encompass the maximum output voltage levels along with minimum of switch number, of course, with taking into account of Peak Inverse Voltage (PIV). In this paper, a neoteric high-performance multilevel cascaded inverter is suggested up to the problem of repetitive output levels to be unraveled and also number of output voltage levels to be maximized. It has been constructed by series-connected multilevel inverters blocks and three-level inverter. The simulation results along with experimental results extracted by manufactured prototype have transparently approved high efficiency of proposed inverter as well as its feasibility. Apart from above, new mathematical approach has been presented to calculate and define the DC voltage sources magnitudes in asymmetric converter.


Multilevel inverter; Asymmetrical inverter; DC voltage sources magnitudes; voltage stress.

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