Automatic Border Alert System for Fishermen using GPS and GSM Techniques

Karthik R, Ranjith S, Shreyas S, Pradeep Kumar K


Countries with the International Marine time Boundary Line (IMBL) will always has security problems and continuous life threatens for those fishermen whose family’s main economical support is fishing. Even in the peninsular country like India has their boundary limit in the ocean, the people of these coastal regions has the main work of fishing, due to carelessness or without knowing their boundary limit of their country they crosses the borders. In such situation the lives of fishermen continued to be difficult. They may face bullets and attacks from opposite Navy, at the end of attack fishermen are being abducted and their boats are being captured. So our paper is designed to avoid such kind of accidents and to alert the fishermen about border area well before using latest technology of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM). And also this paper shows how this technology can be used for detecting natural hazards and obtaining meteorological information of the ocean for the safe navigation of fishermen.


IMBL, RF module, Meteorology, GPS, GSM, PIC-microcontroller, Host navy

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