A Blind Identification and Equalization for MC-CDMA Transmission Channel using a New of Adaptive Filter Algorithm

ATIFY Elmostafa, Cherki Daoui, Ahmed BOUMEZZOUGH


A review of literature shows that there are a variety of adaptive filters. In this research study, we propose a new type of adaptive filter that increases the diversification used to compensate the channel distortion effect in the MC-CDMA transmission. First, we show expressions of the impulse responses of the filter in the case of a perfect channel. The adaptive filter  was simulated was experienced by blind equalization for different cases of Gaussian white noise in the case of an MC-CDMA transmission  with orthogonal frequency baseband for mobile radio downlink channel Bran A. Simulation Results  of the proposed model shows the performance of the identification and blind equalization algorithm for MC-CDMA transmission chain using IFFT.


Blind equalization, Blind identification, MC-CDMA , OFDM, Adaptive filter.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v5.i2.pp352-362


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