Making a Cloud Data Secure and Effective for Better Performance of Services

Sangeet Mishra, Asis Kumar Tripathy, Pallavi Joshi


Cloud data security is one of the major and crucial concern in everyday life. Now a days cloud computing is emerging as vast and fastest growing technology depending on the usage. Cloud computing does not allow to keep data at user site and thus a data security is concerned to be a major challenging task regarding data storage. This paper overall describes the monitoring of the cloud data concerning data storage. In this paper we proposed a new methodology that can efficiently managed the security to the data and provide privacy to the consumer using the services of the cloud. Our proposed technique provides data security by using the third party monitoring system which acts as an interface between the cloud consumer and cloud owner. Basically third party monitors the each and every activity of the cloud consumer and based upon his performance he respond to the cloud owner for taking decision. Our proposed concept provides the security from consumer point of view and owner side of view making the flexibility to the cloud infrastructure. Existing work focus mainly on security from owner side of view that not well fitted into the lifecycle of data security.

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