Modelling and Simulation of Tidal Current Turbine with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

Marwa Elzalabani, Faten H.Fahmy, Abd El-Shafy A. Nafeh, Gaber Allam


This paper explain the creation of a Matlab-Simulink model for a tidal current turbine system through the modeling of the source, the rotor, drive train and the generator. The aim of the simulation model is to illustrate how the tidal current energy system works and how to make use of it in power generation. Harnessing tidal currents power done through various types of water current turbines. Owing to its advantages in producing power from tidal currents, OpenHydro tidal current turbine will be used in this work. With its Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) that is suitable for low tidal current speeds and no need for gearbox. The rotational motion of the turbine rotor is transferred to the electrical generator by means of a mechanical transmission system called drive train. MATLAB/SIMULINK interface has been examined and the maximum electrical power extraction within the allowable range of tidal currents can be achieved if the controller can properly follow the optimum curve with any water current speed change.




Renewable energy, Tidal currents, Water energy conversion, GHT, PMSG.

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