Computer vision for Ethiopian agricultural crop pest identification

Dagnachew Melesew Alemayehu, Abrham Debasu Mengistu, Seffi Gebeyehu Mengistu


Crop pest is an organism that creates damage on to the agriculture by feeding crops. The research focuses on four major types of crop pest which occurs on teff, wheat, sorghum, barley and maize these are Black tef beetles, Ageda korkur, Degeza and Yesinde Kish Kish. The aim of this paper is identification of the four types of agricultural crop pest using a computer vision technique. The image of crop pest were taken from Amhara regions of Ethiopia i.e. Adiet, Dejen, Gonder, Debremarkos (places where images were taken).  In this paper, artificial neural network (ANN), a hybrid of self organizing map (SOM) with Radial basis function (RBF) and a hybrid of support vector machine (SVM) with Radial basis function (RBF) are used, and also we used Otsu and Kmeans segmentation techniques. Finally we selected Kmeans techniques for segmenting crop pest. In general, the overall result showed that using kmeans segmentation in RBF and SVM perform better than using otsu method in the other algorithm and the recognition performance of the combination of RBF (Radial basis function) and SVM (support vector machine) is 93.33%.


SOM; RBF; SVM; ANN; computer vision

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