An Algorithm for Continuous Optimization Problems using Hybrid Particle Updating Method

Peter Bamidele Shola, L B Asaju


Optimization problem is one such problem commonly encountered in many area of endeavor, obviously due to the need to economize the use of the available resources in many problems. This paper presents a population-based meta-heuristic algorithm   for solving optimization problems in a continous space. The algorithm, combines a form of cross-over technique with a position updating formula based on the instantaneous global best position to update each particle position .The algorithm was tested and compared with the standard particle swarm optimization (PSO)  on many benchmark functions. The result suggests a better performance of the algorithm over the later in terms of reaching (attaining) the global optimum value (at least for those benchmark functions considered) and the rate of convergence in terms of the number of iterations required reaching the optimum values.


population, continous, optimization, meta-heuristics,search

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