GUI Based Control System Analysis using PID Controller for Education

Ashwaq Abdulameer, Marizan Sulaiman, M.S.M. Aras, Dawood Saleem


PID control strategy should be understood as a huge part in the education oriented on process control. Application of suitable GUI windows software can contribute in the increase of education quality and providing a better understanding of PID control through as it provides a user friendly environment which is suitable and comfortable for teaching, learning and training application. This paper present the PID control system analysis by explaining the PID controller three-term parameters, PID control types and structure, and PID tuning approach using Ziegler-Nichols and manual tuning method (in both s-domain and z-domain) with the help of simulation and Graphical User Interface GUI windows based on MATLAB. This software package is targeted for engineering students and practicing engineers.


control education; PID Parameters Tuning; GUI/MATLAB; ZN Method; Discrete PID.

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