Ultra-Wideband Patch Antenna for K-Band Applications

Umair Rafique, Syed Ahsan Ali


An ultra-wideband patch antenna is presented for K-band communication. The antenna is designed by employing stacked geometry and aperture-coupled technique. The rectangular patch shape and coaxial fed configuration is used for particular design. The ultra-wideband characteristics are achieved by applying a specific surface resistance of 75 ohm/square to the upper rectangular patch and it is excited through a rectangular slot made on the lower patch element (made of copper). The proposed patch antenna is able to operate in the frequency range of 12-27.3 GHz which is used in radar and satellite communication, commonly named as K-band. By employing a technique of thicker substrate and by applying a specific surface resistance to the upper patch element, an impedance bandwidth of 77.8\% is achieved having VSWR less than 2. It is noted that the gain of proposed antenna is linearly increased in the frequency range of 12-26 GHz and after that the gain is decreased up to 6 dBi. Simulation results are presented to demonstrate the performance of proposed ultra-wideband microstrip patch antenna.




ultra-wideband; aperture-coupled; K-Band; surface resistance; thicker substrate

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