Optimal Threshold of LTE-Femtocell Network Based Bayes-Nash Equilibrium Theory

Hao Chen, Ying Liu, Jianfu Teng


To increase LTE (long time evolution) networks spectrum utilization and interference mitigation, a LTE system overlaid with femtocells is studied. This paper will focus a self-optimized power control scheme for LTE-femtocell networks, in which the transmitted power of a femtocell base station is adjusted based on the optimal SINR threshold. It is known that game theory is a useful tool for analyzing outage probabilities and optimal power in wireless networks. In this paper, Bayes-Nash equilibrium theory is used to derive a optimal SINR (signal-interference-noise-ratio) threshold from each femtocell .The power control scheme can be applied to realistic LTE-femtocell networks to enable robust communication against cross-tier interference thereby obtaining a substantial link quality.




LTE-femtocell , game theory , Bayes-Nash equilibrium

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