Research on Attitude Measurement for Ballistic Correction Rocket

Liang Zhi-jian, Ma Tie-hua


Ballistic correction rocket is a kind of smart ammunition which can attach aims exactly. Based on domestic and foreign literature, the technology of flight attitude measurement technology was summarized. The process of the research includes independently inertial measurement unit and inertial navigation system. The previous stage is the measurement technology only depend on a navigation equipment, such as accelerometer, Gyro or electromagnetic sensors etc, the latter means combinations of several measurement units, on the basis of complementary advantages in performance to improve computing accuracy each other. Based on the measurement technology was analyzed and compared, configuration, merit and demerits of multi accelerometer were discussed in detail. The paper prospected the future development of this technology finally.


Ballistic correction rocket;Inertial navigation system;Attitude measurement;Inertial measurement unit

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