MobileNet based secured compliance through open web application security projects in cloud system

Rohith Vallabhaneni, Srinivas A Vaddadi, Sanjaikanth E. Vadakkethil Somanathan Pillai, Santosh Reddy Addula, Bhuvanesh Ananthan


The daunting issues that are promptly faced worldwide are the sophisticated cyber-attacks in all kinds of organizations and applications. The development of cloud computing pushed organizations to shift their business towards the virtual machines of the cloud. Nonetheless, the lack of security throughout the programmatic and declarative levels explicitly prone to cyber-attacks in the cloud platform. The exploitation of web pages and the cloud is due to the uncrated open web application security projects (OWASP) fragilities and fragilities in the cloud containers and network resources. With the utilization of advanced hacking vectors, the attackers attack data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Hence, it’s ineluctable to frame the application security-based technique for the reduction of attacks. In concern to this, we propose a novel Deep learning-based secured advanced web application firewall to overcome the lack of missing programmatic and declarative level securities in the application. For this, we adopted the MobileNet-based technique to ensure the assurance of security. Simulations are effectuated and analyzed the robustness with the statistical parameters such as accuracy, precision, sensitivity, and specificity and made the comparative study with the existing works. Our proposed technique surpasses all the other techniques and provides better security in the cloud.


Cloud; Cyber attacks; MobileNet; OWASP; Virtual machine

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