Optimizing feature extraction for tampering image detection using deep learning approaches

Ramaraj Muniappan, Dhendapani Sabareeswaran, Chembath Jothish, Joe Arun Raja, Srividhya Selvaraj, Thangarasu Nainan, Bhaarathi Ilango, Dhinakaran Sumbramanian


Tamper image detection approach using deep learning involves, creating a model that can accurately identify and localize instances of image tampering, by employing advanced feature extraction methods, object detection algorithms, and optimization techniques that could be manipulated on need basis. Enhance the integrity of visual content by automating the detection of unauthorized alterations, to ensure the reliability of digital images across various applications and domains. The problem addressing the optimization feature extraction techniques involves the detection of subtle manipulations, handling diverse tampering techniques, and achieving robust performance across different types of images and scenarios. The proliferation of sophisticated image editing tools makes it challenging to detect tampered regions within images, necessitating proposed techniques for automated tamper image detection. The research work will focus on four different feature extraction algorithms such as non-negative factorization (NNF), singular value decomposition (SVD), explicit semantic analysis (ESA), principal component analysis (PCA), which are outsourced. Detecting tampered images through deep learning necessitates the meaningful selection and adjustment of several parameters to enhance the model's effectiveness. Integrating the feature extraction algorithm with the suggested methods effectively identifies critical features within the dataset, thereby improving the detection capabilities and achieving higher accuracy.


Deep learning; Feature extraction; Image classification; Performance matrix; Tamper detection

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i3.pp1853-1864


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