A lightweight distributed ELM-based security framework for the internet of vehicles

Aziz Ullah Karimy, Putta Chandrasekhar Reddy


The fast growth of internet of vehicles (IoV) has created a new area of connectedness, with promising safety and efficiency in transportation. However, this advancement in vehicle technology has come with significant cybersecurity risks, specifically through control area network (CAN) protocol and other communication techniques within vehicles. This experimental study suggests a machine learning (ML) based security approach based on the extreme learning machine (ELM) algorithm to address these challenges. Unlike customary neural networks, ELM is known for its fast processing, minimal training time, and high accuracy, making it preferably suitable for dynamic IoV environments. The methodology involves data preprocessing, feature selection, and employing ELM for attack classification; the algorithm’s performance is evaluated using CARHacking, NSL-KDD, and EdgeIIoT datasets. We also examine the significance of distributed processing to enhance the computational efficiency of the model, obtaining 89% accuracy in 3 ms run-time for external networks, and 83% accuracy with 9 ms run-time for intra-vehical networks. This newly proposed security mechanism using ELM shows very accurate results in detecting intrusions with a high recall rate and reduced computation time through distributed processing.


Control area network; Cybersecurity; Distributed processing; Extreme learning machine; IoT; Internet of vehicles

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i3.pp1702-1709


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