Optimizing assembly processes with augmented reality: a case study on TurtleBots

Mingyu Wu, Ye Sheng Koh, Che Fai Yeong, Kai Woon Goh, Marvin Dares, Eileen Su Lee Ming, William Holderbaum, Mohd Shahrizal Sunar


Augmented reality (AR) technology is revolutionizing traditional assembly processes, offering intuitive and interactive guidance that significantly enhances operational efficiency and accuracy. This study investigates the impact of AR on the assembly of Turtlebots, a complex task representative of industrial applications. Through a comparative analysis involving traditional paper manuals, modified paper manuals, and AR-based manuals, the benefits of AR integration are quantitatively assessed. Participants utilizing AR-based manuals completed the Turtlebot assembly 21.72% faster than those using traditional paper manuals, with a notable reduction in assembly time from an average of 03:00:40 to 02:21:26. Furthermore, the incidence of assembly errors significantly decreased, with AR manual users making an average of 2.25 errors compared to 5 by paper manual users. These findings underscore the potential of AR to expedite complex assembly tasks and enhance the accuracy of these processes. The study highlights the novel application of AR in improving both the speed and quality of assembly in an industrial context, demonstrating AR’s role as a pivotal technology for the future of manufacturing.


Assembly; Augmented reality; Industrial application; Mobile robot; Operational efficiency; TurtleBot

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i3.pp1547-1555


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