Aspect term extraction from multi-source domain using enhanced latent Dirichlet allocation

Radhika Jinendra Dhanal, Vijay Ram Ghorpade


This study presents a comprehensive exploration of sentiment analysis across diverse domains through the introduction of a multi-source domain dataset encompassing hospitals, laptops, restaurants, cell phones, and electronics. Leveraging this extensive dataset, an enhanced latent Dirichlet allocation (E-LDA) model is proposed for topic modeling and aspect extraction, demonstrating superior performance with a remarkable coherence score of 0.5727. Comparative analyses with traditional LDA and other existing models showcase the efficacy of E-LDA in capturing sentiments and specific attributes within different domains. The extracted topics and aspects reveal valuable insights into domain-specific sentiments and aspects, contributing to the advancement of sentiment analysis methodologies. The findings underscore the significance of considering multi-source datasets for a more holistic understanding of sentiment in diverse text corpora.


Aspect term extraction; Domain specific; Latent Dirichlet allocation; Natural language processing; Sentiment analysis

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