Enhancing machine learning algorithm performance through feature selection for driver behavior classification

Soukaina Bouhsissin, Nawal Sael, Faouzia Benabbou, Abdelfettah Soultana


Machine learning (ML) techniques empower computers to learn from data and make predictions or decisions in various domains, while preprocessing methods assist in cleaning and transforming data before it can be effectively utilized by ML. Feature selection in ML is a critical process that significantly influences the performance and effectiveness of models. By carefully choosing the most relevant and informative attributes from the dataset, feature selection enhances model accuracy, reduces overfitting, and minimizes computational complexity. In this study, we leverage the UAH-DriveSet dataset to classify driver behavior, employing Filter, embedded, and wrapper methods encompassing 10 distinct feature selection techniques. Through the utilization of diverse ML algorithms, we effectively categorize driver behavior into normal, drowsy, and aggressive classes. The second objective is to employ feature selection techniques to pinpoint the most influential features impacting driver behavior. As a results, random forest emerges as the top-performing classifier, achieving an impressive accuracy of 96.4% and an F1-score of 96.36% using backward feature selection in 7.43 s, while K-nearest neighbour (K-NN) attains an accuracy of 96.29% with forward feature selection in 0.05 s. Following our comprehensive results, we deduce that the primary influential features for studying driver behavior include speed (km/h), course, yaw, impact time, road width, distance to the ahead vehicle, vehicle position, and number of detected vehicles.


Driver behavior; Feature selection; Machine learning; Road safety; UAH-DriveSet

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i1.pp354-365


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