Integration of statistical methods and neural networks for temperature regulation parameter optimization

Leila Benaissa Kaddar, Said Khelifa, Mohamed El Mehdi Zareb


Temperature control plays a crucial role in various industrial processes, ensuring optimal performance and product quality. The conventional approach to optimizing temperature controller parameters involves manual tuning, which can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and often lacks precision. This paper introduces an innovative methodology for optimizing the parameters of a temperature controller by integrating statistical methods in the preparation of the experimental plan utilized by neural networks. The integration of statistical techniques in designing the experimental framework enhances the efficiency of data collection, providing a robust foundation for subsequent analysis. The neural network leverages this well-structured dataset to model and optimize the temperature controller parameters, resulting in improved precision and performance. The synergistic integration of statistical methods and neural networks not only streamlines the optimization process but also enhances the reliability of the temperature control system. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated through case studies on the Procon level/flow and temperature 38-003 process. The results show significant improvements in temperature control performance, with reduced process variability and faster response times.


Artificial intelligence; Industrial applications; Neural networks; Parameter optimization; Temperature control

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