Harnessing the power of blockchain to strengthen cybersecurity measures: a review

Nidal Turab, Hamza Abu Owida, Jamal I. Al-Nabulsi


As the digital environment continues to evolve with the increasing frequency and complexity of cybersecurity threats, there is growing interest in using blockchain (BC) technology. BC is a technology with desirable properties such as decentralization, integrity, and transparency. The decentralized nature of BC eliminates single points of failure, reducing the vulnerability of critical systems to targeted attacks. The complex and rapidly evolving nature of cyber threats requires an earlier and adaptive approach. This review paper examined several papers collected from official websites. Focusing on using BC technology to improve cybersecurity, the main keywords of the review paper were BC technology, supply chain management, proof of work, and proof of stake. This review paper aims to investigate the security components through a threat assessment that compares the security of BC in different classes and real attack environments. It highlights the potential of BC to strengthen cybersecurity measures, citing unique features. The review paper also points out that there is a lack of focus on addressing security challenges related to computer data and digital systems and calling for a deeper discussion on problem-solving.


Blockchain technology; Internet of things; Proof of stake; Proof of work; Supply chain management

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i1.pp593-600


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