Malignant thyroid lump multi classification by TIRADS using DBA with transfer learning

Mayuresh B. Gulame, Vaibhav V. Dixit


Thyroid diseases have developed into significant illnesses in recent decades. These diseases affect the thyroid glands and are caused by elevated thyroid hormone levels or infections in the thyroid organs. It is challenging to resolve thyroid diagnosis using conventional parametric and nonparametric statistical techniques since it can be viewed as a classification problem. However, there are certain barriers in the manner of obtaining both efficacy and accuracy in thyroid nodule diagnosis. Deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) models have emerged as useful instruments for the diagnosis of sickness in the modern era. For the purpose of diagnosing and classifying thyroid diseases, this research introduces a novel deep belief network (DBF) with transfer learning, known as DBNTL. In this study, the pre-processed image was first pre-processed using a conventional multiresolution bilateral technique, and then it was subjected to a novel segmentation technique called fusion pooling integrated U-net segmentation. The DBN with transfer learning model is used to classify and grade malignant thyroid nodules in compliance with thyroid imaging-reporting-and-data-system (TIRADS) guidelines. In this model, the model's weights are obtained by transfer learning. A major metric for evaluating the efficacy of biological image processing applications, good sensitivity and specificity (97.28 and 97.22, respectively) were obtained for the recommended modes.


Deep learning; Thyroid nodules; TIRADS score; Transfer learning; U Net segmentation

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