Predicting vulnerability for brain tumor: data-driven approach utilizing machine learning

Yutika Amelia Effendi, Amila Sofiah, Niko Azhari Hidayat, Awol Seid Ebrie, Zainy Hamzah


Brain tumors, whether benign or malignant, present a complex and multifaceted challenge in healthcare, affecting individuals across various age groups. Predicting the vulnerability of brain tumors using health risk factors and symptoms is crucial, yet there have been limited research studies, particularly those integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This research explores machine learning models such as support vector machines (SVMs), multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs), and logistic regression (LR) for the early detection of brain tumors. Evaluation metrics, including accuracy, precision, recall, and F1-score, are employed to assess model performance. The results indicate that the SVM outperforms other models, providing a robust foundation for predictive accuracy. To enhance accessibility and usability, the research also integrates these models into a mobile application predictor. The application is beneficial for assisting individuals in early detection by identifying potential risk factors and symptoms that may lead to a brain tumor. In conclusion, the integration of machine learning through a mobile application represents a transformative approach to personalized healthcare. By empowering individuals with cutting-edge technology, this research strives to enhance early detection and decision-making regarding potential brain tumor risks and symptoms, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and quality of life.


Brain tumor; Early detection; Health risk; Healthcare; Machine learning; Technology; Vulnerability

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