Feature selection technique on convolutional neural network – multilabel classification task

Regiolina Hayami, Nooraini Yusoff, Kauthar Mohd Daud, Harun Mukhtar, Januar Al Amien


Automated text-based recommendation, an artificial intelligence development, finds application in document analysis like job resumes. The classification of job resumes poses challenges due to the ambiguity in categorizing multiple potential jobs in a single application file, termed multi-label classification, deep learning, particularly convolutional neural networks (CNN), offers flexibility in enhancing feature representations. Despite its robust learning capabilities, the black-box design of deep learning lacks interpretability and demands a substantial number of parameters, requiring significant computational resources. The primary challenge in multilabel learning is the ambiguity of labels not fully explained by traditional equivalence relations. To address this, the research employs feature selection techniques, specifically the Chi-square method. The goal is to reduce features in deep learning models while considering label relevance in multi-label text classification, easing computational workload while preserving model performance. Experimental tests, both with and without the Chi-square feature selection technique on the dataset, underscore its substantial impact on the classification model's ability. The conclusion emphasizes the influence of the Chi-square feature selection technique on performance and computational time. In summary, the research underscores the importance of balancing computational efficiency and model interpretability, especially in complex multi-label classification tasks like job applications.


Chi-square; Deep learning; Feature selection; Job resume analysis; Multilabel classification

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i3.pp2001-2009


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