Advancing cryptography: a novel hybrid cipher design merging Feistel and SPN structures

Ramya Kothur Venkataramanna, Manjunatha Reddy Hosur Sriram, Bharathi Chowda Reddy


In the dynamic field of cryptography, lightweight ciphers play a pivotal role in overcoming resource constraints in modern applications. This paper introduces a lightweight cryptographic algorithm by seamlessly merging the proven characteristics of the Feistel cipher CLEFIA with the advanced substitution-permutation network (SPN) framework of RECTANGLE for key generation. The algorithm incorporates a specially optimized feather S-box, balancing efficiency and security in both CLEFIA and RECTANGLE components. The RECTANGLE key generation, vital for the proposed lightweight technique, enhances overall cryptographic security and efficiency. Meticulous consideration of resource limitations maintains the algorithm's lightweight nature, making it well-suited for applications with restricted computational resources. To validate the efficacy of the lightweight algorithm, extensive evaluation on encrypted data is conducted using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) tools, known for assessing cryptographic algorithm quality. Results reveal a high degree of randomness, indicative of robust resistance against cryptographic attacks. This manuscript provides a comprehensive examination of the lightweight algorithm, emphasizing key attributes, security enhancements, and successful integration of the optimized feather S-box. Rigorous testing, particularly NIST tool-based randomness analysis, offers empirical evidence of the algorithm's resilience against attacks, establishing its suitability for secure data encryption in resource-limited environments.



CLEFIA; Key scheduling; NIST; RECTANGLE; S-box

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