Accurate detection of melanoma skin cancer using fuzzy based SegNet model and normalized stacked LSTM network

Woothukadu Thirumaran Chembian, Krishna Murthi Sankar, Seerangan Koteeswaran, Kandasamy Thinakaran, Periyannan Raman


Early detection of melanoma skin cancer (MSC) is critical in order to prevent deaths from fatal skin cancer. Even though the modern research methods are effective in identifying and detecting skin cancer, it is a challenging task due to a higher level of color similarity between melanoma non-affected areas and affected areas, and a lower contrast between the skin portions and melanoma moles. For highlighting the aforementioned problems, an efficient automated system is proposed for an early diagnosis of MSC. Firstly, dermoscopic images are collected from two benchmark datasets namely, international skin imaging collaboration (ISIC)-2017 and PH2. Next, skin lesions are segmented from dermoscopic images by implementing a fuzzy based SegNet model which is a combination of both deep fuzzy clustering algorithm and the SegNet model. Then, hybrid feature extraction (ResNet-50 model and local tri-directional pattern (LTriDP) descriptor) is performed to capture the features from segmented skin lesions. These features are given into the normalized stacked long short-term memory (LSTM) network to categorize the classes of skin lesions. The empirical evaluation reveals that the proposed normalized stacked LSTM network achieves 98.98% and 98.97% of accuracy respectively on the ISIC2017 and PH2 datasets, and these outcomes are more impressive than those of the conventional detection models.


Deep fuzzy clustering; LSTM; Melanoma skin cancer; ResNet-50; SegNet

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