An efficient data compression and storage technique with key management authentication in cloud space

Surekha Pinnapati, Prakasha Shivanna


Cloud computing is one of the promising technologies that offers cost-effective choices for processing and storing the huge volumes of data. In today’s world, data is the most important asset that one can have but it needs to be handled and protected properly. Portability of data can be increased by reducing the size of the data to be stored because of the limited storage space. As a result, data compression has arisen significantly. Data compression is a useful technique for reducing data size and increasing the effectiveness of data transit and storage. Data compression reduces the size of a data file while using lossy or lossless compression. One of the newest techniques for data compression is data duplication, which can reduce the amount of data saved while removing unnecessary data and maintaining an exact copy of the data. This analysis presents an Efficient data compression and storage technique with key management authentication in cloud space. This approach uses Regressive probabilistic key encryption (RPKE) to encrypt the cloud data and Lempel-Ziv-77-Huffman coding (LZ77-HM) is used to compress the huge amounts of cloud data. The Performance of presented approach is evaluated in terms of compression ratio and compression rate.


Authentication; Cloud computing; Data compression; De-duplication; Lossy compression; Regressive probabilistic key encryption

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