A time-efficient nonlinear control method for the hyperchaotic finance system synchronization

Muhammad Haris, Muhammad Shafiq, Israr Ahmad, Zulfiqar Ali, Geethalakshmi Manickam, Abid Ghaffar


Irregular and complex behavior in the financial system can disrupt stability and smooth economic growth. It causes randomness within the system, generating chaos; hindering synchronization behaviour. Achieving smooth and rapid synchronization between two coupled hyperchaotic finance (HF) systems with lessened fluctuation of input and output signals is vital for continuing financial stability and fostering economic growth, a challenge addressed in this article. The paper proposes a novel time-efficient nonlinear control (TENLC) technique and investigates HF systems synchronization using the drive-response system (DRS) arrangement. The proposed TENLC strategy realizes fast and smooth synchronization behaviour between two coupled HF systems, reducing closed-loop state-variable trajectory oscillations. The controller is designed to retain the nonlinear components within the closed-loop system and does not depend on the system's parameters, simplifying the design and analysis process. The Lyapunov stability technique confirms the closed-loop's global stability at the origin. Proofs of mathematical analysis and computer-based simulation results validate the theoretical findings, showing that the presented TENLC strategy converges the state error trajectories to zero in a short transient time with lessened fluctuations for all signals. The comparative computer-based simulation analysis confirms that the presented TENLC approach outperforms other synchronization control techniques.


Chaos synchronization; Hyperchaotic finance system; Lyapunov stability; Nonlinear controller; Stability function

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i2.pp834-843


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