Comparing Leach protocol and its descendants on transferring scalar data

Mohamed Taj Bennani, Abdelali Zbakh, Mohamed El Far, Mohamed Lamrini, Outman El Hichami, Khalid El Fahssi, Hassan Satori


In the last years, The CMOS was developed and miniaturized rapidly, which, made sensors very fast, small and accurate. Hence, the creation of wireless sensor network (WSN) which are a network of nodes that exchange the data between them until it reaches the sink (base station). It is responsible for treating the data and transfer them to other servers linked to the internet for further treatment or storage. Therefore, everything related to WSN is a big topic of research for scientific community, especially transferring scalar data. In fact, many factors enter into account when it comes to send data like a radio, range of transmission, energy consumption and routing protocol. Routing protocols are very important in transferring data. They also have a big impact on energy consumption by nodes. Many categories of routing protocols exist: planning and level routing. Each type has its strength and weakness points. So, using a routing protocol in high-density environments is very challenging in energy consumption and data delivery. In addition, since level routing protocols like Leach are known for their energy efficiency. We choose three level routing protocol (Leach, MLD-Leach and MRE-Leach) to put them in a harsh environment to test their energy consumption and data transferring. We found that MLD-Leach has better energy consumption and data delivery.


Leach; MLD-Leach; M-Leach; Scalar data; Wireless sensor network

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