URL shortener for web consumption: an extensive and impressive security algorithm

Saikat Gochhait, Yogesh Singh Rathore, Irina Leonova, Mahima Shanker Pandey, Bal Krishna Saraswat, Santosh Kumar Maurya, Hare Ram Singh, Nidhi Bansal


URL stands for uniform resource locator are the addresses of the unique resources on the internet. We all need URLs to access any type of resource on the internet, such as any web page, and document. Sometimes URLs can be long, irrelative and unattractive and unable to send sometimes via email. So, for this, we proposed a URL shortener web application based on the Python-Django platform which is fast and makes your long URLs in the shortest form which you can share on social media platforms. It makes all the messy, unattractive URLs short and shareable. Writing paper proposed a premium section in our application that gives access to the customizable URLs and analytics of your shorten URLs. Customizable URLs are the URLs you create by your own keywords. By creating a premium profile with the application, you can create your own URLs by using your own keywords. We have considered security a major part of the application that prevents the short URLs from being hacked or redirected to any advertising website or content. We store all the data related to the URL to show you the best view of your analytics and update it regularly. Main contribution in this field that for web application that provides users with a fast, secure and shortest URL for their using long URLs. Comparatively to other services that are currently available, the application provides superior security, availability, and confidentiality.


Data flow architecture; Security; URL redirection; URL shortening; URL tracking

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i1.pp284-291


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