Analyzing electroencephalogram signals with machine learning to comprehend online learning media

Vasantha Sandhya Venu, Chellapilla V. K. N. S. N. Moorthy, Preeti S. Patil, Navnath D. Kale, Chetan Vikram Andhare, Mukesh Kumar Tripathi


In E-learning, evaluating students' comprehension of lecture video content is significant. The surge in online platform usage due to the pandemic has been remarkable, but the pressing issue is that learning outcomes still need to match the growth. Addressing this, a scientific system that gauges the comprehensibility of lecture videos becomes crucial for the effective design of future courses. This research paper is based on a cognitive approach utilizing EEG signals to determine student's level of comprehension. The study involves the design, evaluation, and comparison of multiple machines learning models, aiming to contribute to developing an efficient learning system. Fifteen distinct machine learning (ML) classifiers were implemented, among them AdaBoost (ADA), gradient boosting (GBC), extreme gradient boosting (XGboost), extra trees (ET), random forest (RF), light gradient boosting machine (light gum), and decision tree (DT) algorithms standouts. The DT exhibited exceptional performance across metrics such as area under the curve (AUC), accuracy, recall, F1 score, Kappa, precision, and matthews correlation coefficient (MCC). It achieved nearly 1.0 in these metrics while taking a short training time of only 1.7 seconds. This reveals its potential as an efficient classifier for electroencephalography (EEG) datasets and highlights its viability for practical implementation.


Ada Boost; Decision tree; EEG signals; Machine learning; Online learning

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