An improved post-hurricane building damaged detection method based on transfer learning

Guangxing Wang, Seong-Yoon Shin, Gwanghyun Jo


After a natural disaster, it is very important for the government to conduct a damaged assessment as soon as possible. Fast and accurate disaster assessment helps the government disaster relief departments allocate resources and respond quickly and effectively to minimize the losses caused by the disaster. Usually, the method of measuring disaster losses is to rely on manual field exploration and measurement, and then calculate and label the damaged buildings or land, or rely on unmanned collections to remotely collect pictures of the disaster-stricken area, and compare the original pictures to carry out the disaster annotation and calculation. These methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and inefficient. This paper proposes a post-hurricane building damage detection method based on transfer learning, which uses deep learning image classification algorithms to achieve post-disaster satellite image damage detection and classification, thereby improving disaster assessment efficiency and preparing for disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction. The proposed method adopts the theory of transfer learning, establishes a disaster image detection model based on the convolutional neural network model, and uses the 2017 Hurricane Harvey data as the experimental data set. Experiments have proved that our proposed model accuracy of disaster detection reaches 97%, which is 1% higher than other models.


CNN; Deep learning; Image classification; Satellite remote sensing image; Transfer learning

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